Buy Birds and bird supplies for sale in Rock City Falls, NY

Duke is looking for his forever home. His isba lovely greenwing macaw. Unfortunately due to circumstance beyond hus control he has plucked out his feathers and the veterinarian said they won't grow back. He is starting to out in weight and enjoys listening...
Parent raised Scarlet Chested Parakeets. Not sure on the sex because they are not fully colored.
Pair black capped conures, 3 years old NOT tame NOT proven. Have no box set up. Pick up only 12822
We have older parakeets around years old who are not hand trained. One is yellow and the other green and they must go together. While we do love them our cockatiel has been laying eggs the vet said of the causing issues could be hearing the male parakeet. We don t have the heart to put them in a shelter but they have to go. We will provide a new cage and all their toys We are desperate to find ...
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